54th Annual Regional Art Exhibit.

2007 Opening Reception: November 11, 2007, 1 - 3:30 pm.

Exhibit runs through December 1, 2007. Evenings 6:30 - 8:30 pm; Saturdays 1 - 4 pm. Closed Fridays.

Bayonne Public Library Gallery, 697 Avenue C and 31st Street, Bayonne, New Jersey.


In 1953, an announcement appeared in a local newspaper inviting professional and amateur artists to meet at the main Library in Jersey City to discuss formating an art organization. 6 people responded to that advert, and then decided to call their venture "The Hudson Artists."

THE HUDSON ARTISTS OF NEW JERSEY, INC., encourages public participation through art exhibits, demonstrations, and general membership meetings. It's goal is to unite artists and art organizations throughout New Jersey to spark general interest in multimedia art. The HUDSON ARTISTS, INC. developed to the perpetuation of all cultural and artistic endeavors and involvement. Now in its 54th year, the HUDSON ARTISTS, INC. looks forward with anticipation to both the new and as yet undiscovered forms of artistic expression that lie ahead in the rappidly changing world of tomorrow. Certanly, the Hudson Artists will be there, encompassing the best of the past, present, and future.

HUDSON ARTISTS OF NJ, INC., is a 501 3c, non-profit organization. All donations are fully tax deductible. For further information on membership, meetings, activities, newsletters, and future exhibits, please contact:

Marge Colavito, c/o Upstairs Art Gallery, 896 Bergen Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306. PH.: 201-963-6444


Margaret Colavito, Chairwoman/Tresurer

Melissa Maiorano, Vice President

Barbara Fisher Williams, Secretary

Richard La Rovere, Graphic Director

Steve Cist, Computer Graphics

Jeanne Aragona, President

Michael Smith, Exhibit Consultant

Alex Mohalek, Publicity

Lissanne Lake, Financial Director

Linda Stampone, Art Reviewer

John Besante, Ibou N'Doye, Omar Saeed, Advisors

James Legge, Alevtina Super, Diane Smith, Administrative Assistants



Margaret Colavito, Jeanne Aragona, Sharon Harvey, Vito Moscato, Melissa Maiorano, Elliot Appel Lissanne Lake, Sabrina Lee and Heidelore Gnirk


Margaret Colavito, Jeanne Aragona, Barbara Williams, Claire Warlikowski, Melissa Maiorano, Karen Floriani, Linda Stamponeand Karen Carrattini


Margaret Colavito, Jeanne Aragona, John Tracey, Sabrina Lee, James Legge

COVER DESIGN BY Jeanne Aragona




Grigory Gurevich

Sculptor, painter, graphic artist printmaker and inventor, Grigiry Gurevich has had more than 200 exhibits in the USA and Europe, and has conducted hundreds of sculpture workshops in Italy, Denmark, and the USA. Grigory Gurevich paintings and sculptures have won numerous awards and are in public and private collections in Russia, Switzerland and France. Grigory received a Masters Degree in Art from the Akademy of Fine and Industrial Arts in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia, was a professor at St. John University, NY, and a faculty member of the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. Gurevich's bronze tableau of seven life-size figures, "The Commuters", sculpted in 1985 is permanently installed in Newark Penn Station. His book "Reflections", features 17 linocuts, etchings and mixed media prints, and is part of the Print Colection of the New York Public Library, the Rare Book Collection of the Newark Public Library, and the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersurg, Russia. In April 1995, G. Gurevich was granted a patent on a new type of manifolding book, a copy of which is in the Brooklyn Museum, NY. G. Curevich lives in Jersey City, NJ.

Nadia Russ

Nadia Russ is a Ukrainian born Russian artist living in the USA. In 1996-2000 she reside in the Bahamas, where her art possessed high energy colours. Her 1st group exhibit was in the Manege, Moscow in 1990. Her 1st solo exhibition was in New York City in 1992.

At the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007 her artwork was collected by several Ukrainian art museums such as Sumy Art Museum, Simferopol Art Museum, Lebedyn Museum of Art and David Burliuk Foundation.
Nadia Russ's artwork was also collected by European and USA Museums of Art. On January 4, 2003, Nadia Russ created a concept of new style of visual arts known as NeoPopRealism. NeoPopRealism combines the brightness and simplicity of Pop Art with deep realism, high energy colours and a graphic nature. NeoPopRealism's 10
commandments appeared in 2004.

Vito Moscato

Vito Moscato is a graduate of Manhattan College and Pratt Institute with degree in Psychology and Art. It is evident in his works that the two are inseparable. The subtle rendering of character in his portraits and his emotion-drawn free-flowing graphic imeages represent the aspect of man. His poetic oils are his most dedicated effort, insired by Frederick Waugh and the classical description of the mightly ocean and shore.
Vito had directed the Sterling art Studio in Jersy City, NJ, as teacher and artist, and is a member of the American Society of Marine Artists, and The Hudson Artists of New Jersy Inc. Vito has had several exhibits in the World Trade Center and the Upstairs Art Gallery, and has been a frequent top prize winner in many shows, including a New Jersey State Silver Medal Award. In 1982 Vito Moscato was named "Artist of the Year" for his excellence and dedication to his art.

Philip M. Echo

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with offices in Montclaire & Nutley, NJ.
Member of Camera Naturalist & Tri-County Camera Clubs; Member of Photographic Society Of America and North American Nature Photographer Association; Jadge and Lecturer for the NY and NJ Federation of Camera Clubs, multiple schools, Audubon Society and various other organizations.
Honors and Awards: Numerous Medals in the NJ Federation O Camera Club and Photographic Sociaety of America's Pictorial, Nature and Contemporary competitions. 4-time winner of the NJ Federation of Camera Club "Tops in NJ". Nature Award (1999, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005). Winner of the Photographic society of America's International Competitions. Winner of The Photographic Society ofAmerica 2004 and 2006 "Nature Slide of The Year" Award.





Agnes Kryston, "Violetta" No.21



First Place                             John and Tillie Bober Memorial Award 

                                              David Dziemian, "Thinking Man's Presumption" No.10

Second Place                         Jack Richeson and Co. Inc. Material Award

                                               Melissa Maiorano, "Bayonne Bridge" No.26

Third Place                            Anneka Prins Simmons Award

                                               Bobby T. Yalong, "Into The Woods" No. 36

Fourth Place                        Ralph D. Colavito. Memorial Award

                                              Brian McCaffrey, "The Fountain Of Roses" No.27



Honorable Mention

Anthony Sienkiewicz, "Brass & Glass" No.31

Grigory Gurevich, "Gramercy Tavern" No. 12A

Lissanne Lake, "GettingAlong" No.23

Elliot Appel "Trinity" No.1


Watercolors & Pastels

First Place         "Babe" Cheshul Memorial Award

Vito Moscato, "Morning Sea - Rocks" No.54

Second Place       Jack Richeson and Co. Inc. Material Award

Maryann Burton, "Afternoon Cafe" No.40

Third Place      Winsor and Newton Colart Americas, Inc. Material Award

                     Ronald Cortez, "Native Art Wrestling" No. 46  


Watercolors & Pastels

Honorable Mention

Heidelore Gnirk, "Emerald Sea" No.51

Zigmunt Cichy, "Old Barn" No. 44


Graphics & Mixed Media

First Place       Jack Richardson and Co. Inc Material Award

 Edgar Carreon, "Breath #8" No.64

Second Place           Lo-Re Karec Families Award

Helen Stathis, "Decorating" No 78

Third Place          John's Natural Foods Award

Yori H. Ramsey, "Landscape" No.75


Graphics & Mixed Media

Honorable Mention

Caterine Nicaretta-Duffy, "Chesapeake Shore Line" No. 68



First Place          Advanced Photo Portrait Studio Award

Gideo Stelle, "The Great Falls" No.105

Second Place         Bayonne Community Bank Cash Award

David Dziemian, "Land & Sea" No.87

Third Place     Elsie & Anthony Sienkiewicz Cash Award

Rita Galdaleta, "Hiding Out" No.90



Honorable Mention

Dmitry Mandel, "Paris" No.99



First Place           Hudson Artists Cash Award

Edmund Spiro, "Don Quixote" No. 109

Second Place              Hudson Artists Cash Award

Charlie Ball, "Exercise" No.106



Jerry's Artist Outlet, Staples Inc., Tara Material, Inc.


Artists Participants:

Elliot Appel

Ehua Attigneeniongnahac

Charlie Ball

Ivo Calderon

Luis Caraos

Irene Delaney

David Dziermian

Papa Gora Tall

Grigory Gurevich

Edith Horn

Jowell Gaela

Christ Kappmeier

Carol Kravitz

Agnes Kryston

Lissanne Lake

Florence Lazarov

Melissa Maiorano

Bian McCaffrey

Gladys L. Pelliccia

Omar Saeed

Mica Saylob

Anthony Sienkiewicz

Aleutina Super

Bobby T. Yalong

William Abylut

Shadeem R. Ahmad

Maryann Burton

Jennie Carulli

Zygmund Cichy

Jack Coleman

Ronald Cortez

Ceasar P. Delos Santos lll

Peter Giaccio

Heidelore Gnirk

Stacey Kaelin

Vito Moscato

Joan Cheshul O'Connell

Yori H. Ramsey

Melinda Saminski

Linda Stampone

Edgar Carreon

Jack Coleman

Michael Du Bose

Catherine Nicaretta-Duffy

Andrew Giambalvo

Zuhal Karmanli

Ibou Ndoye

Mae Palaci

Vera Schoenleber

Helen Stathis

M. Colavito

Patrce Delaney

Joe Del Priore

Karen Floriani

 Rita Gadaleta

Sharon Harvey

Jim Legge

Karen Mack

Dmitry Mandel

K.C. Mulcar

Gideon Steele

Michael J. Smith

John P. Hanley

Edmund Spiro



*Leanza & Agrapidis, Professional Corporation, Counselors at Law

*Hudson Extermiating Co., Inc

*CTown Supermarket

*Marilyn Wenz, Artist

*Elizabeth DeAngelis, Wildlife Artist

*Stacey A. Kaelin, Artist/Instructor

*Benanti's, Import, Italian Delicatessen

*City Print Shop

*Fifty 5, Riverwalk Place

*Scalia, Hair Design

*Aleutina Super, Designer

* A. C. Hardware

*Upstairs Art Gallery

*Warsaw Deli

*Watkins Consultant

*Richard Larovere, Architectual Renderings

*Tracey Photography

*Coffee House

*Midtown Pharmacy

*Monroe E. Associates



Michael Smith

Melissa Maiorano

Linda Stampone


Tara Materials Inc.


"Thanks to all our members, patrons, helpers for your support."

M. Colavito, Chairwoman


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